Saturday, September 5, 2009


We arrived in Russia almost two weeks ago and I feel like I have finally settled in. Russia is different than America, as expected, but it also has quite a few similarities.
  • The plants are ALL the same, they just look a little different.
  • People wear American clothing.
  • Anyone who has a car will drive to the store even if it is less that a 10 minute walk away.
  • Everyone lives in a small apartment.
  • People go for walks for fun.
  • It is cold (60 degrees F).

My host family and city are both fantastic. My host sister calls Kirov a large village, but I would call it a city. 420,000 people is not a village. The people here are very nice once you get to know them and the food is fantastic. I am not joking. Russian food is amazing. You might not expect cabbage soup (щи) to be good, but it is.

I started Russian class at last week and regular classes this week. My regular classes are taught in all Russian so considering that I don't speak the language learning is going to be a challenge. But I am up to it. Our Russian classes are going well. I can now ask what something is and say the words cat, dog, magazine, engineer, food ect. ect.

Anywho everything is going fine in Russia.